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scottsdale bachelorette barre, pilates & yoga

Scottsdale Before the Veil!

Book a private Barre, Pilates, Yoga, or Aqua class for your Scottsdale Bachelorette weekend! Expect a fun and energizing workout or yoga session right at your Airbnb. You and your BACHes will have a special group experience you won't forget!

Have an event other than a Bachelorette party? We also welcome birthdays, girls trips, corporate wellness events, and more!

pick your package!

Scottsdale bachelorette
Barre and pilates

Let's BARREty! 60 minute personalized Barre or Pilates, or AQUA class at your BACH pad. Includes mats, booty bands, weights, pilates balls, personalized playlist.

Scottsdale bachelorette

Namaste, BACHes! 60 minute personalized Vinyasa or Gentle Yoga class at your BACH pad. Includes mats, blocks, eye pillows, personalized playlist, optional Reiki & essential oils.

How it Works


Our certified instructors come right to your Airbnb/vacation rental within the city of Scottsdale (plus other surrounding cities). We'll arrive a few minutes early to set up and have each participant sign a waiver form. All classes are approximately 1 hour.​


BARRE/PILATES CLASSES: No actual 'barres' are required for our full-body Barre workout! Choose from Classic Barre, Barrelates (Barre + Pilates), Barredio (Barre Cardio), or Mat Pilates on the booking form. We provide all equipment including mats, pilates balls, light weights, booty bands, speaker and a fun playlist, or choose your own custom songs. Add-on a Mimosa Bar to enjoy after class!


YOGA CLASSES: Expect an invigorating Vinyasa style flow, choosing from more relaxing, more challenging, or somewhere in between! We provide all equipment including mats, blocks, lavender eye pillows, music (you can choose your own custom songs!). Optional Reiki healing and/or essential oils can be included in your session. Add-on a Mimosa Bar to enjoy after class!

FACE YOGA CLASSES: The Face Yoga Method®  can help to reduce and prevent wrinkles and fine lines, create symmetry in the face, and can also help us to find more awareness, confidence, and self-love. By practicing the poses and exercises specifically and intentionally as created, Face Yoga stretches, strengthens, and relaxes different muscles on the face, which can smooth out areas where we have wrinkles, lift up areas that are asymmetrical, and bring awareness to our daily habits and the ways we move our faces.


Perfect activity for a bachelorette party! Super convenient and fun for all fitness levels!

Maggie S, March 2023

Your Instructors


Kat Parks is a vinyasa yoga instructor with over 2,000 hours of teaching experience, and a degree in positive psychology. She is also a certified Face Yoga Method® instructor and loves to share the fun and all-natural alternative to a radiant, strong, and beautiful face! Kat is also an essential oil blending queen who loves making personalized blends and sassy sprays to share with her students. Married to a chiropractor with whom she's run several wellness centers, Kat is extremely passionate about sharing the joy and extraordinary effects of yoga, Face Yoga, essential oils, and positivity on the body, mind, and spirit, while inviting her students to breathe, self-reflect, and smile!!

Valerie Norris is a certified Barre instructor and 200-hour certified Yoga instructor who has taught in the fitness realm for over eleven years. She shares her love of teaching yoga with a love of teaching barre.  She has a high respect for taking care of the body and emphasizes form. Val grew up in Wyoming and takes those small-town roots with her in all she endeavors.  All physical discovery and teaching pursuits take second to her husband, two children, extended family and furry friends. This support system has allowed her to continue to be a “work in progress” to which she is forever grateful. She is also a firm believer to not take it all too seriously.  Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy!


Kyra King began teaching Barre fitness after transitioning from teaching and performing ballet, modern, and theater dance. She is a certified wellness and transformational coach and learning fanatic. Kyra loves spreading the joy of ballet-infused fitness to anyone who wants to have a lot of fun while achieving confidence and a healthy physique. 

Samantha Wagoner is a 500-hour comprehensively certified Pilates instructor and teaches reformer Pilates full-time all over the Phoenix West Valley. She fell in love with the practice her sophomore year of college after seeing the craze on social media, but started teaching as her career within the last two years. During her free time, Samantha is with her husband playing with their cat and dog, binge watching the newest must-watch streaming series, by the pool, or trying a fun new restaurant around town. Can't wait to help make your party one to remember! 


Cassondra Henderson is a certified yoga instructor and health coach. She loves infusing her classes with intuitive movement and breath work to drop you into your body and quiet your mind. She is also a certified Buti Yoga Instructor and loves making wellness and fitness fun! She is passionate about sharing just how life changing having that right wellness practices can be! She invites her students to tune out the outside world, drop into themselves and just be.

Jadyn Heck is a wife, mom, professional dancer, barre, pilates and sculpt instructor and founder of Glo Movement. With over 15 years of experience, Jadyn has found that low-impact movement not only is challenging in the best way, but leaves you feeling that Glo that radiates from the inside out. Jadyn is so passionate about guiding women through movement in a way that uplifts, affirms, educates and challenges your mind and body! Her classes are all about showing up for you, embracing the mental and physical challenge of movement and showing gratitude for yourself after each and every class. Recently married herself, she looks forward to sharing her passion with other brides-to-be and their families and friends!

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